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24 hours of UX is one of the greatest UX events where UX desiners from all over the world get connected and exchange experience. Therefore, we can highly recommend you to check out their page and their YouTube channel.

24 Hours of UX Virtual UX Conference SustainableUX UX Salon Savvy UX summit



Take a look at these inspirational portfolios as they can be used as a good example. Consequently, you can find what works for you in your portfolio, whether it’s focusing on storytelling or polishing the UX deliverables in your case-studies.

Anca DobreaElizeUXLola JiangJeff ShibasakiStephanie LawrenceOlivia TruongNiya WatkinsErica FirmentGregor Kalfas



Nowadays, listening to a design audio books is a good way to spend your time while you’re exercising, going out for a walk or sitting on a bench in the park. Furthermore, you can find new ideas and learn new approaches which you can use in your work.



Looking for a more lively discussion on the hottest design-related topics? Luckily, you can listen to some great design-related podcasts which can be found in the links below.

24 minutes of UX Design thinking 101Steve Portiga Roots Podcast Design The Crazy One The Design of Business | The Business of Design Clever The Honest Designers Show Design Matters UI Breakfast The Design Better Podcast User Defenders Method Podcast from Google Design Presentable The Futur The Reflex Blue Show Logo Geek Grits and Grids UX Podcast What is Wrong with UX? Design Details The Big Web Show Shop Talk 99% Invisible Wireframe UX Mastery The Growth Leadership Show


Design talks



How to

UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals Example UX docs and deliverables UX Design Methods & Deliverables Laws of UX UX checklist  UX Methods Bank Service Design Toolkit UX Apprentice How To & Tools The Hyper Island toolbox UX design kit Design method toolkit A distributed team can do great design — here’s how Development Impact & You Improve Your UI With Winning & Losing A/B Tests HackDesign 101 lessons  14-point checklist WCAG Accessibility Guidelines Cognitive Biases



Feel free to seek solutions and ideas in these design blogs. In addition, you can read about the outcomes of the work of multiple UX and UI designers.

Interaction Design FoundationNN groupUX matters UX planet  Usability geek UX Movement ClearBridge mobile blog


UX articles


UI materials

Atomic design UI Design Style Guides & Companies Doing It Right The iOS Design Guidelines Human Interface Guidelines Design for Android Material design colors Visual hierarchy in UI (Russian)



Now we kindly invite you to join some design communities. As a result, you can find inspiration and multiple design collaboration opportunities.

SustainableUXUI UX Research-Strategy UX Graz UX Talk Tokyo Design Leadership Therapy Humans in Service Design TorCHI xOps Meetup Copenhagen UX UX Research Group NoVA UX UX Calgary UX Auckland GlobalUXD myHCI-UX IterateUX UX Budapest UX Wellington UX Beijing Athens UX Community UX Dallas UX Kitchen Digital UX and Strategy Geneva Push Community UX Philippines



Still looking for a certification program in the field of user experience design? In fact, here you can find some of our suggestions. What is more, you can see that the time frames and prices can vary according to your bidget and availability. However, becoming a UX or UI designer usually allows you to be flexible, not only during your studies but also afterwards in your professional developement.

LikeaBo The school of UX design Futurestudents Careerfoundry Coursera Designlab NN group UX training XDi Indi Young Courses Interaction Design Foundation