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Design career development

Design career development

At Leaders in UX we host career development workshops where designers can identify the direction of their career path. What is more, they evaluate their current position in the design world and strategize their way to successful career growth.

Reaching the level where you’re truly happy is important for us, are you ready to do it?

UX design courses

UX design foundation

This course is suitable for beginners who come from different background but would like to grow in the field of UX design.

What will you learn?

  • User-Centred Design: Learn to design with the user’s needs at the core of your process.
  • Usability Principles: Master the principles that make designs intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Prototyping: Create interactive prototypes that bring your designs to life.
  • User Testing: Develop the skills to gather valuable user feedback for improvements.
Advanced UX design

This course is suitable for junior, mid and senior designers who would like to reach the next level in their career development.

What will you learn?

  • Advanced UX Processes: Dive into advanced user-centred design processes that deliver exceptional user experiences.
  • Advanced UX Deliverables: Master the creation of advanced UX deliverables, including user personas, journey maps, and more.
  • Advanced UX Tools: Get hands-on experience with advanced good practices while working with UX design tools.
  • Case Studies: Explore real-world case studies to apply advanced UX concepts.

Are you comited to do the next step on your design journey?

Individual coaching

At leaders in UX we’ve brought multiple designers and design students to a more advanced stage of their design skills and knowledge by incorporating 1:1 coaching in their career development,

We have the tools, the processes and the steps that you need in order to get there. Are you willing to grow professionally and reach the best shape of your UX design skills?

What others say about us

“Enrolling in the UX Foundation course was a gamechanger for my career path! For no time it has helped me expand my UX knowledge and is still doing it. Not only that, but it has helped me shift my personality to align better with my goals.”

Nadezhda Hristova

UX designer, SAP

“I started learning UX/UI design with Dr Bozhana Ivanova about a year ago. She helped me to love this subject, which was completely foreign to me until then. Bozhana is a competent and experienced mentor by nature. I would say she has a strong sense of perception and understanding and she is able to transfer this. She is enormously helpful, knowledgeable and empathetic. She has accompanied me on a difficult path in my career in UX/UI design and continues to accompany me. “

Kianoosh Sadigh

UX design student, UX Foundation

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Web and App design

We design websites and mobile applications, dashboards and IoT platforms. Integrating UX design in cross-functional teams, we create intuitive digital products. We design in Figma but technologies as Flutter, React and more aren’t strangers for us.


We coach design teams on their way to success through increased productivity and clean organization. Specializing in building high-performing happy self-motivated design teams, we inspire the development of the whole design world.

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We’re happy to connect with you! For workshops, team coaching inquiries and other topics, kindly send us a request or give us a call at  +359 87 887 9877.

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Design community

Join our design community in Varna, Bulgaria. We host design meetups every month.

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