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Leaders in UX is a team of top professional experts with extensive international experience and leading expertise in UX design. Our talented and motivated team delivers innovative solutions tailored to meet our clients’ unique needs. We are dedicated to fostering a collaborative and friendly environment, ensuring the highest quality of service and support for the UX community.


Our mission

Our mission is to deliver professional UX services and elevate the UX community through exceptional design, comprehensive courses, and engaging events, fostering collaboration and innovation.

Our people

We are dedicated professionals specializing in digital product design, app design, and web design, united by our passion for advancing the UX community.

Through our services, courses, workshops, materials, and events, we strive to elevate the standards of user experience design.

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Martina Ivanova

UX/UI design expert

Martina has a vast experience in the field of UX and UI design. What is more, she understands the agile project management world and is able to adapt to any work environment and team setup.

She has worked on various:

  • Mobile applications
  • Corporate websites
  • IoT platforms
  • Design courses
  • Dashboards and more.


Dr. Bozhana Ivanova


Bozhana is an expert with more than 8 years of experience in the field of UX design – both in big corporations and in small and medium startups. The agile culture is deeply integrated in her everyday life as she exemplifies courage, professionalism and a great team play in the work environment.

She has dan lots of handson work on various:

  • Design team coachings
  • UX workshops
  • Leadership seminars
  • Design courses
  • Apps and websites
  • Digital products.

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We’re happy to connect with you! For workshops, team coaching inquiries and other topics, kindly send us a request or give us a call at  +359 87 887 9877.

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Join our design community in Varna, Bulgaria. We host design meetups every month.

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